Bees and Honey

Visit and tastings run by an agronomist, an educator and a beekeeper.


Honey tasting: Talk on honey as a food, its organoleptic characteristics and its properties as a probiotic food. Guided tasting of different species of honey and aromatic honeys.


A lesson in the world of bees: in an open air classroom, a photographically documented lesson about the world of bees and beekeeping. Life inside the hive will be visible thanks to the help of a gazebo. Possible tasting.


From the hive to the honey pot: every phase of honey extraction. Visit of the apiary and the honey hut, the extraction of the honey and its processing. How honey is withdrawn from the hive, the workshop and the machinery, the extraction, filtering and potting.


Saffron: a description of the precious spice and its characteristics, the history of the saffron that growns on the hills of Florence. Guided tasting of various foods perfumed with saffron.

Lavender: description of the plant and its properties. Lavender in the kitchen, tasting and preparation of confectionery perfumed with lavender.


Many more possibilities of educational visits (including cookery courses and visits!).

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