Canyon Rio Sass

The Fondo Canyon cuts in half the imposing centre of the High Val di Non. Since 2001 it is possible, thanks to walkways and ladders, to discover waterfalls, giant fossils, stalactites and stalagmites. With its 145mt drop, 600 steps, it is an hour and a half of emotion. The guided visit will enable the discovery of a fascinating world within the ravines and its splendid vegetation. The Rio Sass is sheer, 45-50 metres in certain areas. The distance between the two walls varies from a minimum of 25 centimetres to around 30 metres with colonies of red and green algae tingeing the rocks with sudden flares of colour. Since 2009 it’s possible to see a log dam, built in the 1700s, spectacular waterfalls and unusal limestone formations and end the visit near the remains of the “Bagni di Fondo” thermal spas.

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