Discover Geothermal Energy - Biancane of Monterotondo

An evocative route, immersed in a breathtaking landscape given by nature. The visit starts at MUBIA, the Biancane Geomuseum, where we can understand the geodiversity, that is, to understand how minerals and rocks were formed and why the earth is so warm and white here. It will therefore be time to climb the Biancane, where various geothermal manifestations take place: fumaroles, bulicames, mofettes and putizze. The steam escaping from the rocks has a temperature of about 100°C.

This place, in fact, has a setting as surreal as infernal: between the intense green of the woods, the fields and the surrounding vegetation, the rocks and minerals dominated by the white color stand out which, crossed by the fumes, vapors at high temperatures, by boiling water and other gases, bring natural events to life making this place one of a kind and extremely interesting and fascinating.

To visit this suggestive park, it is possible to make the more classic round trip of about half an hour, which departs from the inhabited center of the charming medieval village Monterotondo Marittimo: after a hundred meters you will find yourself immediately in front of the “Lagone Cerchiaio”, a crater fed by thermal waters that have a very high temperature, between 100 C° and 150 C°, which represents the first evidence of the presence of boric acid, already used by the Etruscans for therapeutic baths for the treatment of skin diseases, rheumatism, muscle, kidney and liver problems. Here you can see the old washhouses built with characteristic octagonal bricks dating back to the 1930s.

Inside the park, it is also possible to choose another type of circular route that starts from the Biancane or from the Sasso Pisano. The route is 7.5 kilometers long and takes an average of 3 hours. Don’t miss the boiling well, a magical and evocative place that, depending on the day, looks like a hellish mouth from which a large amount of steam and water comes out and, in fact, boils. Next to the well, there are streams of glowing water that feed it.

Inside the Parco delle Biancane, above a white wall, is the Belvedere hill, reachable on foot in about ten minutes, from up there the view is something incredible, before your eyes breathtaking views of Monterotondo and the sea. The park is a beautiful place, able to give suggestions that can hardly be forgotten, it’s like taking an incredible journey to the center of the earth and touching the earth’s crust.

The tour will end at a farm that produces high quality sheep’s cheese, obtained exclusively with milk produced by its own farms. But the care and respect for nature does not stop there! Indeed, the company uses a dual system, photovoltaic and geothermal, to maintain total energy autonomy while generating a minimum environmental impact. At the end of the visit you can taste the company’s products.

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