Geothermal Museum of Larderello

The Museum tells the story of energy in ten rooms thanks to an interactive and multimedia journey that allows visitors to discover the evolution of this natural resource and the industrial techniques used to exploit it.

In the first room, the Museum welcomes the visitor by illustrating all types of renewable sources. The second is a dip in history with the first signs related to geothermal energy, the Etruscan Roman baths and a copy of the table of Peutinger from 70 AD, which speaks of the thermal waters of Volterra and Populonia. In the following rooms, we enter the heart of the history of geothermal resource, with the discovery in 1777 of boric acid in the Cerchiaio lagoon.

The visit includes the tour of the rooms of the museum, the room of the models and the covered lagoon. It is also possible to see a fumarole and a geothermal power plant in action.

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