Hard Rock Cafè's Memorabilia

Plunge into a world of music, iconic memorabilia and tasty food.

The Hard Rock Cafe boasts a collection of well over 82.000 objects from around the world donated by the artists themselves, with others purchased by the cafe. In Florence there are many unique pieces that make it a real “rock museum”. Unique and authentic pieces, legendary and international icons including:

Michael Jackson’s pants that he wore on stage during the Jackson 5’s Triumph Tour in 1981

Jimi Hendrix shirt worn on stage during his performance at Imperial College London in 1967

The Vespa scooter used in The Who’s 1979 film Quadrophenia

John Lennon’s black leather jacket worn in the 1967 film How I Won the War

From the Italian rock band Litfiba: Piero Pelu’s pants worn during the “El Diablo” tour and Federico “Ghigo” Renzulli’s guitar

Other interesting and fantastic visits can be made!!

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