Maison de Cogne Gérard Dayné

One of the biggest examples of the traditional architecture from this region, an ancient rural house made out of “wood and stone”. The guided visit will show the cor, an internal covered space which was originally used as an entrance; the beu, the epicentre of domestic life and human/animal cohabitation; the mézòn de fouà, situated in the stone part of the house (pèira), used by the family to produce milk and other foods. The underground cellars are the areas where food (vegetables, cheese, etc.) was stored during the long winter months. The large barn, an imposing structure made out of wooden beams, has been utilised as a temporary exhbition space; one of its halls being entirely dedicated to Cogne’s costumes.

The guided tour, apart from highlighting the Maison’s architecture, offers a “once upon a time” tale which enables visitors to understand how our ancestors utilised their homes, and how they lived and survived in the  XVIII e XIX centuries.

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