Murano's Glassware

Murano’s glass is one of the most precious decorative glasses made in Italy. It is made following ancient traditions, on the island of Murano. Visit a glassware studio where an artist will create two objects, one with the glass blowing technique and one with the solid glass technique. The artist will then choose a volunteer whom he will create a surprise object with. It will certainly be a unique and unforgettable experience.

Possible activities:

Glass pearls Workshop

This experience sees the participants creating their own necklace, bracelet, earrings or keyring, choosing from amongst the many pearls available. The jewellery master will assist the visitors in creating an exclusive and original piece of jewellery.  At the end of the workshop each visitor will be able to take away the object they have created (duration 30 minutes)

Drop Chandeliers’ Workshop

The factory specialises in drop chandeliers, offering modern colours and new glass cutting techniques with laser machinery. These chandeliers are the result of research and development of more tradional models, known as Maria Teresa. During the workshop, the chandelier structure will be prepared and the group will take part in the composition of the chandelier’s various elements. At the end of the workshop the chandelier will be completed in all its parts and each participant will be given a glass gift. (duration 1 hour)

Glass decoration Workshop

Glass decoration is another famous technique from Murano. The participants will be able to choose among a vast range of glass objects and decorate their own souvenirs. The decorator will give a talk and, after giving the technical information on the materials which will be used, the fun and practical activity will take place. As the object will have to be kilned in a specific oven for 8 hours, the souvenir will either be available to pick up the following day, or be sent to the participant’s addresses, after agreeing individual dispatch costs (duration 1 hour)

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